How to Make Your Skincare Routine Less Overwhelming


Establishing your skincare routine and finding the right skincare products is an overwhelming and intimidating experience. There are at least 30 skincare products and possibly hundreds of combinations so you can build a routine. There are also at least 10 ingredients in skincare products (and the list gets longer each year) with simple and complex-sounding names.

With all that how do you make your skincare routine less overwhelming and more doable then? Let’s briefly discuss here how to make it all simple while still taking best care of your skin.

Cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen

For most skin types these three product types are already enough. Here’s some useful information so you can choose the right products:

  • Cleanser (Using it twice a day is normal. But choose gentle products with keywords such as “pH balanced”).
  • Moisturiser (e.g. Look for keywords such as “hydrating” and “nourishing” if you have dry skin.)
  • Sunscreen (This is important. Choose products with SPF 30 or higher and apply sunscreen each day of the year no matter the weather.)

Applying sunscreen is more about protecting your health than preventing skin ageing. When it comes to moisturiser it’s about preventing wrinkles (and preventing the existing ones from looking worse). Cleanser is about removing dirt, excess oil and makeup from your skin so that it won’t get irritated.

Starting and sustaining a skincare routine

Keep it simple by everyday use of cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. Use a gentle cleanser both morning and evening. When it comes to using moisturisers use “lightweight” and “non-greasy” ones if you have oily skin (if you have dry skin choose thicker or more hydrating variants). What about sunscreen? Sunscreen is a must every day but if you have oily skin, choose oil-free sunscreen products.

Your skincare routine might vary a little due to your skin type (oily or dry?). But morning and evening using a cleanser is helpful in taking care of your skin. Sunscreen is also very helpful and always put a bottle in your bag so in case you forgot to apply it and you’re going outdoors you’ll always be ready.

That’s it. Keep it simple and you also make it doable. If you have just three bottles (plus one or two serums perhaps) to think about, sticking to the routine becomes a lot easier. Also, you still ensure that you get enough protection for your skin for the long term.