What Causes Wrinkles Under the Eyes?


Wrinkles around our eyes can make us look older and too self-conscious. Eye-to-eye contact might become a struggle and because of our worries and stress the wrinkles might look worse.

It’s inevitable to develop wrinkles because as we age, our skin’s ability to hold collagen and moisture diminishes. It even gets worse because of sun exposure (UV rays can accelerate skin ageing) especially in this harsh Australian climate where most of us are not suited to Australia’s high UV rays.

What causes wrinkles under the eyes?

The plain cause is ageing but the wrinkles might appear much earlier due to our daily habits and stress. The wrinkles under the eyes can also be caused or accelerated by sun damage, smoking, squinting and even smiling (notice that when you smile the skin around your eyes fold). We can still change our habit of smiling, squinting and smoking once we become aware that these cause wrinkles. However, it can be hard to deal with (or it takes a lot more effort and awareness) if we’re talking about sun damage, stress and the natural effects of ageing.

Preventing or minimising sun damage requires a commitment of regularly applying sun protection (SPF30 and above). Always bring a bottle with you because you’ll never know when you have to stay or walk outside for long. Although it’s a cool and moderate weather the sun is still shining and emitting harmful UV rays.

Stress also affects our skin’s health and appearance because of how stress changes our biochemical makeup (which then eventually manifests on our face and other parts of the body). It’s actually difficult to control our thoughts and avoid all kinds of stress. Meditation can help but it’s better to focus on getting a healthy diet and regular exercise because healthy food and physical activity puts our biochemical makeup on the balance.

What about the natural effects of ageing? They’re inevitable and what we can do about wrinkles is to delay their onset and make them less noticeable. Skincare products with hyaluronic acid can help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Application of this kind of product should be a commitment though so that we can get the maximum benefits (some products might have a recommendation of once or twice a day of application).

It takes some work to make the wrinkles under the eyes less noticeable but in exchange we can gain more confidence as we face the mirror and go to social gatherings (or get more confident for dates, job interviews and business presentations). It’s also good to maintain a cheerful attitude (together with application of effective skincare products) so that you can both look and feel good in the inside and outside.