What Causes Skin Ageing and Other FAQs


Sunlight is one major cause of skin ageing. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can reduce the skin’s elasticity which can then lead to wrinkles and skin sagging and thinning.

Skin ageing itself though is a natural and inevitable process. Frequent exposure to sunlight without adequate protection can accelerate the problem and make it look worse. The result is premature skin ageing wherein the effects go beyond the skin appearance because the person’s confidence also gets affected.

What are the signs of skin ageing

It’s a natural process and even with a good skincare plan, these natural skin problems will still manifest:

  • Skin thinning wherein the epidermis gets thinner because cell production is getting slower
  • Sagging where gravity plays a huge role. However, it gets worse because as we age our skin produces lower levels of elastin and collagen.
  • Wrinkles which are also caused by lower levels of elastin and collagen especially near the eyes and mouth.
  • Dryness where our skin gets less protection from harsh outside elements because as we age our skin will have fewer oil glands and sweat glands. This can then make our skin more prone to itching and roughness.

How to reduce the signs of skin ageing

As mentioned earlier, sunlight is a major cause because it accelerates ageing and even damages the skin cell’s DNA. As a result, the first major step for taking care of your skin is protecting yourself from sunlight. It’s highly recommended to stay out of the sun especially when the sun is as its highest (the higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the UV radiation level). This is very important especially in Australia because our country is close to the equator and there are many days of clear skies (few clouds to protect us from the sun’s UV rays).

It’s also good to apply sunscreen with SPF30+ for better protection especially if you’re planning to stay under the sun for extended periods of time. Always bring a bottle of sunscreen especially if it’s summertime so you’ll always have some protection. In addition, it’s also good to moisturise to better protect your skin. Moisturisers can help in making the fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

It’s about building healthy habits for the long term especially when it comes to your skin. Although some treatments can reverse the signs and even make them disappear completely, you can slow down skin ageing (or let it proceed in a natural course) by adopting healthy practices such as limiting sun exposure, applying sunscreen and moisturising regularly.