Here are 3 Skincare Trends That Will Become the Standard


Trends are often known for being short-lived. Today it’s the trend but tomorrow it’s totally different. It’s especially the case with skincare where from time to time there’s something new.

Whether it’s due to new scientific researches or evolving customer preferences, there will always be skincare trends. However, some of the current trends are likely to become the standards in achieving a healthy and younger-looking skin. Let’s explore a few of those trends.

1. Going natural

This has been going for some time and it’s likely to stay for years to come. After all, customers are getting more aware of the potential effects of some chemicals found in everyday skincare products.

For instance, the potential effects of parabens, triclosan and other substances with complex real chemical names are alarming. For many decades there were no issues but due to modern toxicological tests and scientific findings, their harmful cellular effects are now being established.

As a result, more and more people look for natural ingredients whenever they’re buying a skincare product (whether it’s a moisturiser, sunscreen, exfoliant or cleanser). Customers also now stay away whenever they find something that sounds harmful (or if there’s parabens or triclosan).

2. Personalised skincare

We have varying skin needs and we also have to think about where we live, the kind of weather we’re exposed to and even the level of pollutants in our area. Our regular activities and lifestyle might also have something to say when it comes to our individual skin needs.

As a result, our individual skincare should be customised to best address our skin concerns and get more results out of each product we purchase. However, this is still difficult to achieve (both scientifically and in terms of the cost) which is why we still have to settle with products we can get from the shelves (these skincare products are often designed for the “average” user).

3. Taking charge of your own skincare

Although we still can’t achieve a 100% personalised skincare, we can still take charge of how we care for our skin and keep it younger looking. We don’t allow destiny, environment or circumstances to dictate whether our skin should stay as it is or improve to increase our confidence. What we want is to make the decisions ourselves and choose the right products that we think are best for us.

As a result, we’re becoming more vigilant when it comes to the choice of skincare products. We carefully read the labels and search for science-backed claims before putting anything in our skin. This way we gain peace of mind and what we’re doing is based in science.

Skincare trends that will become the standard

Those are just some of the trends that are likely to become standards (going natural, personalised skincare, taking charge). This is the result of evolving customer requirements and latest researches as well.

In response to those trends and our commitment to helping customers achieve excellent results, here at Earth Derm we have highly effective exfoliants, cleansers, moisturisers, serums, correctives and other skincare products that have scientifically proven mechanism of action and ingredients. Contact us today if you want to learn more.